The Golden Land of Myanmar - DVD Cover

“You can enter this beautiful film as a meditation — the timeless rhythms of ancient Mon shines through.”
  ~  Jack Kornfield, Buddhist Teacher – Spirit Rock Meditation Center

The Golden Land of Myanmar invites us into an idyllic and exquisite place in the world. The movie not only focuses on the peace and simplicity of these undiscovered Buddhist villages, it actually invokes the feeling of being there.”
  ~  Wes Nisker, Buddhist Teacher – Spirit Rock Meditation Center

  • Chapter Menu
  • Trailer
  • 16 x 9 Widescreen
  • 64 minutes
  • $20 plus S & H


Viewer Comments

Manya – “This movie is lovely. As I practice Buddhism here in the U. S., it is so wonderful to see practice on the other side of the planet.”

Phil Vfenty – “Having just come back from Myanmar this winter, this presentation was a wonderful reminder of the beautiful and treasured land and it’s peoples.”

D Harmon – “Thank you for this truly lovely film. I felt myself re-committing and re-dedicating as I watched…”

Diana Collins – “What a lovely, beautiful, peaceful film this is. Thank you.”

Myers Lloyd – ” This film was inspiring… How amazing it was to witness a community gathering together with the nuns and monks to listen to the Abbot and take refuge… Thank you for a glimpse of how a community can be.”

Pema Gilman – “This film is truly a meditation of the heart. There are few depictions of the spirituality of the people in such communities as you have shown. Thank you for this respite.”