Bio – (Daw Sanda Wadi) Shoshana Cathy Korson

While traveling in Asia in 2002, (Daw Sanda Wadi) Shoshana Cathy Korson fulfilled a 20 year dream when she took a trip to visit the beautiful golden Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar.  Shwedagon is the most revered and sacred pagoda for the Burmese with relics of four Buddhas enshrined within.

While wandering the grounds of this majestic spiritual site, she found herself inexplicably drawn to a Burmese monk who graciously invited her to his remote monastery in the south of Burma.  At the monastery she experienced his open hearted teachings and felt this was a path she wanted to follow.

She returned to America greatly inspired by the disciplines and practice of Theravada Buddhism.  On her 50th birthday she traveled back to Burma, accepting the Venerable monk’s invitation to be ordained as a Buddhist nun and was given the Burmese name “Daw Sanda Wadi”.  She shaved her head and donned the traditional robes, knowing her life would never be the same.

It is her love and appreciation for the true simplicity, beauty and refinement that Myanmar so exquisitely exemplifies, that drew her to the creation of this film.  She now considers Burma her home and this film was developed over her many years of living in the monastery.