Bio – Kyaithisaung Sayadaw

The Venerable Kyaithisaung Sayadaw Abhidhaja Aggamana Saddham Majotika Bhaddanta Pannadipa was born on Thursday April 19th, 1928.

This chronicle of his religious and spiritual mission recounts five distinct phases of his life.

The First Phase:
White Robed Religious Devotee
From 1963 through 1965, he spent three years as a religious layman, practicing at Naungtawgi Pagoda, Shwedagon Pagoda, Shinmahti Pagoda, and Kyaik Kasan Hsantawshin Pagoda. During this time period he began a study of “manomaya”, a specific type of mind cultivation, which includes prowess of the sun, moon and nine zodiac signs.

The Second Phase:
For three years, from 1966 through 1968, he wore the white robes of a mystic seeker, keeping his hair long in the traditional Myanmar style. He maintained a practice of observing inner signs, outer signs and nine zodiac signs. Practicing and meditating with great resolution, he traveled throughout the land of Myanmar.

The Third Phase:
For three years, from 1969 through 1971, he wore the robes of a hermit, entering a reclusive period in which he studied “Weiza Knowledge”, which includes mastery of alchemy, astrology, mystical signs and a thorough devotion to the art of
meditation. It is believed he gained great psychic and supernatural expertise which enabled him to turn water into medicine for great healing effects.

After a total of nine years of determined effort, having gained proficiency in these arts, he returned to his native village, arriving at Kyaithisaung Sacred Hair Relic Pagoda known by the title of Hermit Naga Weiza Bho Sacca.

The Fourth Phase:
At this stage of his spiritual quest he developed a deep aspiration to attain to ever greater purity.
In 1971 he took full ordination as a noble monk at Kyaithisaung Sacred Hair Relic Pagoda in Zoke Thoke Village, Bilin, Mon State. His preceptor for ordination was U Indasabha of U Shwe Pe Kaung Gyi Sayadaw. His father U San Pe and mother Daw Saw Kyin, provided the support of his four requisites.

The Fifth Phase:
During the following forty years of religious work, Venerable Kyaithisaung Sayadaw rebuilt, re-enshrined and preserved nine sacred pagodas, each with an authentic hair relic of Gautama Buddha. The Buddha prophesied this occurrence, (giving strands of his hair as relics when he paid a visit to the region), stating that after his hair relics were to first be enshrined in nine holy pagodas, the pagodas would then be left latent, dormant, hidden and undeveloped until 2500 years had elapsed. They would then be rediscovered and zealously revered as though the Buddha himself were living
then. At that time his pure teachings would be revived for another 2500 years, lasting for a full 5000 year dispensation.
The Venerable Kyaithisaung Sayadaw began this great and noble endeavor 2515 years after the passing of the Buddha, remarkably enabling this prophecy to be realized. Having earned the maturity of many noble perfections, Kyaikthisaung
Sayadaw was wondrously able to carry out its execution with the motivation, effort and confidence based on truth and loving kindness. In this way he is reviving Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar, and radiating a beacon of light for the world, as he continues throughout his long life to strive to impart the sublime teachings of the Buddha.

Resolute Aspirations of Venerable Kyaithisaung Sayadaw:
1) May the Suvannabhumi Sasana, the Golden Land of Myanmar, exist extensively, akin to the sun and moon.
2) May human beings all over the world be able to develop and share great loving kindness.
3) May Buddhism of the Golden Land of Myanmar brighten the world like the light of the sun and moon.
4) May the Buddha’s teachings have lasting significance, achieving the fulfillment of 5,000 years.