Bio – Drow Millar

Drow Millar has worked in documentary, film and television production for over 25 years as an editor, producer and cinematographer.

He has collaborated on two films with Rob Nilsson, FRANK DEAD SOULS and SAND as editor and co-producer. He has also worked with Academy Award-winning director John Korty on several projects, including a re-edit of his highly acclaimed film THE CRAZY QUILT, which was shown recently at the 30th Anniversary Mill Valley Film Festival Celebration Retrospective.

Drow also self-produced, directed, and edited the award-winning documentary, THE DIPSEA DEMON, a film about Jack Kirk, the legendary 96-year-old man who ran the Dipsea race well into his nineties.

He also teaches at the Motion Pictures & Television College at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. He has been a practitioner of Buddhism for over 40 years.