Ananda, Buddha’s chief disciple, questioned the Buddha regarding the future of the sacred Hair Relics.

The Buddha replied:

“Ananda, the Hair Relics that I am giving away, as I see it, will not be the cause of misfortune and ruin to the people. Rather, I see that they will turn out to be for the welfare and progress of the people. I see that my teachings will endure for 5000 years after my demise. These Hair Relics will not be honored for the first 2500 years. After these 2500 years have elapsed the Hair Relics will be as greatly honored as though I were living then. The cetiyas (pagodas) where my Hair Relics are enshrined, will after a lapse of 2500 years, be discovered by the people who will revere them zealously.”

As the prophecy avowed, the pagodas were indeed rediscovered and revered by the people of the region. While continuing the process of rebuilding these sacred sites, the Abbot of Kyaithisaung Sacred Hair Relic Pagoda is striving to ensure that the teachings of the Buddha will once again awaken and enliven the people and the world.