After having traveled to Asia in 2002, and spending time at a remote monastery in the south of Burma, (Daw Sanda Wadi) Shoshana Cathy Korson accepted an invitation from a Venerable monk to ordain as a Buddhist nun in his monastery. She now considers Burma her home and this film has developed over her many years of living in the monastery.So much has been reported about the politics in Myanmar while the sublime and serene life go under reported. It is her love for the simplicity, beauty and refinement that Myanmar so exquisitely exemplifies that drew her to the creation of this film.

Upon returning to America with beautiful and truly unique footage from a land that few have seen, she met Drow Millar, a local filmmaker and editor, who was able to craft a story from the footage and bring the film to life.

The film journeys to a place in the world called Suvanabhumi, the Golden Land in the Mon State of Myanmar. This beautiful and auspicious land has remained a hidden treasure, unseen and untouched by the modern world. The film explores this magical land with rare, never before seen beautiful footage of the communities, country side, and the many ancient Buddhist pagodas recently rediscovered and renovated by the abbot of the monastery, the Venerable Kyaithisaung Sayadaw.

Surrounding these beautiful historic sites, are the monasteries and communities of simple village people, who have scarcely changed their way of living over the centuries. It remains a true sanctuary, protecting and nurturing the practice, devotion and principles of Buddhist doctrine and philosophy. It has become a vital part of the country of Myanmar and remains essentially unchanged from the time when Buddhism first came here over 2500 years ago.

Travel to this timeless place of peace, tranquility and compassion for a rare glimpse into the majestic depths of an ancient Buddhist land, the Golden Land of Myanmar.